The Malayali Medical Association (MMA) was created on 19th day of September 1982



  • a) To promote social and cultural fellowship.
    b) To hold or arrange for the holding of, periodical meetings of the members and families of the Association.
    c) To provide a comprehensive counselling and career advice service to members of the Association or to any other members of the medical profession.

    d) To circulate such information as may be thought desirable by means of a newsletter or Bulletin.

    e) To promote a better understanding between members of the Association, families, institutions and other bodies, whether professional or otherwise and the general public.

    f) To co-operate with any company, association public authority or other body or person for the purpose of promoting the objects of the Association.


  • 1. The Association is established for the purpose expressed in the Memorandum of the Association.
    2. The number of members with which the Association proposes to be registered is 100 but the Executive Committee from time to time register an increase of members.

    3. (a) The subscribers to the memorandum of the Association shall be the first members of the Association.

       (b) That the Executive committee may admit membership of the Association in the equivalent category of membership all those duly elected members of the Malayali Medical Association (U.K . ) Ltd who were members of the M.M.A. on the date incorporation of the Association or who became members of the Association on the Association on 19th September 1982, without requiring such persons to complete and submit a new application form in accordance with the By-Laws and that the Executive Committee may waive the requirement for the payment of subscription to the Association contained in the By-laws in respect of such transferring members who at the date of transfer of membership have paid their subscription to the M.M.A. in respect of the financial year commencing on 1st October.


  • 1. The Association shall in each year hold a general meeting as its Annual General Meeting in addition to any other meetings in that year and shall specify the meetings as such in the notices calling it; and not more than 15 months shall lapse between the date of one A.G.M. of the Association and that of the next. The A.G.M. shall be held at such time and place as the Executive Committee shall appoint.


  • 1. The Executive Committee has the power to appoint committees with such powers and such purposes as may to them seem necessary or desirable and to fix the quorum thereof and lay down rules and regulating the proceedings of such committees.
    2. Persons other than members may be members of any such committee or standing committee, provided always that the majority of members of such committee or standing committees is composed of members.